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House Washing

House washing and water blasting is in general specialized, hard work and difficult for most owners to accomplish without the help of a professional.


House Washing

High pressure water blasting can do extensive damage to building surfaces and paintwork if used with the pressure too high. It can even force water through gaps and cracks where no water should go!

Our experienced team use a soft wash process and biodegradable products to gently clean your prized home. This allows the products to activate on the surface before being washed by hand with specially designed brushes. We then give your home the finish it deserves with a pure water window wash of all your windows.

Stubborn black or brown mould can eat down through the surface of paint or plastic, so it's important to get onto it before it gets out of control! Most of the time a full clean can be achieved for a period of up to 12 months. Like rust, it seems that mould never sleeps!

We recommend an annual wash to remove the damaging effects from dirt, moss, mould and algae, and corrosion caused by salt build-up.

A regular, comprehensive house wash will dramatically enhance the longevity of painted surfaces for up to 15 years.

House washing won’t necessarily add value to your home, but it can certainly save a lot of money in future costly maintenance. And if you’re looking to sell, a freshly washed house enhances its visual appeal – you’ll have the best-looking home on the street!

Water blasters are great for some areas of property maintenance – just not for cleaning your house. It’s the products (and us!) that do the work when house washing. 


Housewashinc was prompt and reliable and left our house sparkling.  We thought the price was more than reasonable too!

Audrey and Guido, Welcome Bay

Mac did a great job on my rental property in Windermere.  I thought I was going to be up for a repaint but with a good wash and professional advise, it looks like I can leave it for at least another 2 years. I can't recommend Mac highly enough.

Evan Cheetham, Papamoa


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