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House Washing

House washing and water blasting is in general specialized, hard work and difficult for most owners to accomplish without the help of a professional.


House Washing

When house washing, we use biodegradable chemicals and detergents to give a gentle clean to your prized home. House washing won't necessarily add value to your home but it can certainly save a lot of money in future, costly maintenance and enhance the appeal of your home, in particular if you are looking at selling.

Many so called 'professionals' use high pressure water blasting to try and remove green mold, moss and algae. This is generally the worst thing you can do as the water blaster can do extensive damage in the wrong hands with the pressure too high. I have seen cedar garage and front doors that had to be replaced after being torn up so badly from high pressure water blasting.

We prefer the soft washing method which allows the products to activate on the surface before being scrubbed by hand with specially designed brushes and then rinsed off with fresh water. In some cases, stubborn black or brown mold can eat down through the surface of paint or plastic but most of the time, full cleaning is achieved for a period of up to 12 months. Like rust, it seems that the mold never sleeps!

A proper house wash will dramatically enhance the longevity of painted surfaces for up to 15 years.

Some local painting companies even guarantee repaints for this period but stipulate the house must be washed once a year. Imagine what your car would look like if it was only washed every 3-5 years?

As part of our impeccable house washing service, we also off our clients the option of a pure water window wash – just to give the home the finish it deserves!

Make no mistake, water blasting certainly has its place in the house washing business, but it's the products that do the work when house washing – not the high pressure water blasting.


I had tried all sorts of products on my kwila decking with only marginal success.  Mac was able to bring it back to close to it's original glory.

Peter Kirk,  Mount Maunganui

Our roof was starting to look very second hand but fortunately Housewashinc was able to refurbish it to near new condition.  We can't recommend Mac and his business highly enough.

Paul and Chris, Welcome Bay


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