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Other Services

Along with soft water house washing, we provide these complimentary services to help keep your house in tip-top condition.




Protect the roof on your home with a slow kill treatment which will eliminate moss, mold and algae. These 'little house of horrors' growths are not only unsightly but can cause lasting and very expensive damage to not only your roof, but also the interior of the property through mold and rot to internal timber if not caught in time.  Damaged caused can result in requiring re-painting or in severe cases even re-roofing and replacement of rotten framing timber.

Water blasting can do extensive damage to roofs, doesn't kill the spores which will just re-grow and should only be used on a roof for the removal of dust and grime at low pressure with a wide fan or for a high-pressure pre-paint wash.

We have different options available 



Driveways, patios and cobbled areas can be dealt with in a variety of different ways and is all dependent on the type, cause and extent of staining or vegetative growth.

As with house washing and roof treatment, pressure washing or water blasting are often the last thing that should be used and can end up doing irrevocable damage to the substrate.

There are a number of different chemicals which can be used to safely and effectively remove growth, stains caused by rust, oil, tyre marks or even just to re-vitalize the existing surface.

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Timber surfaces can go from a thing of absolute beauty to an unsightly eyesore in a relatively short period of time. This is normally caused by molds of varying types which seem happiest when their roots are deep in to the surface of what was once an attractive fence, trellis or retaining wall.

Soft washing the entire surface in a methodical way with bio- friendly products is our preferred way of cleaning and the timber can then be bought back to close to its original glory with the use of another of our 'secret ingredients'.

As with other surfaces, pressure washing or water blasting are not necessarily the magic bullet but do have to be used on occasion

We have different options available for any of the above scenarios with both eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions so give us a call on our free phone number for a no obligation chat.



We operate a pure water system for washing windows on property.  We also have absolutely no idea how other businesses manage to wash a home or business and walk away from the job leaving the windows filthy and the frustrated owners needing to either clean the windows themselves or make arrangements to organize someone to come in and do it for them.

This part of our 'going the extra mile' service has become so popular that we ended up just adding in to every job we did.

The big difference between our pure water window washing system and just a standard window clean is our washing takes place from the ground level so no ladder work required as our specialized, extendable carbo pole can reach up to 4 stories high, but unlike normal window cleaning, we wash the entire frame as well as the glass leaving your windows sparkling!

Due to the fact that this clever system removes all the solids and impurities from the water before running it through a resin which then 'polishes' the water, this system has the ability to wash a jet-black car in the midday sun and leave it streak free and spotless.


Mac did a great job on my rental property in Windermere.  I thought I was going to be up for a repaint but with a good wash and professional advise, it looks like I can leave it for at least another 2 years. I can't recommend Mac highly enough.

Evan Cheetham, Papamoa

Housewashinc are responsible for the annual wash of our villas at The Vines Retirement Village in Bethlehem. This is a multi-million dollar development and we needed reliability, top service and someone capable of being able to communicate well with the residence. Mac ticked all those boxes. 


Peter Cooney.  Director, Classic Builders Ltd, Tauranga

Ensure that your property looks great with the best house washing in the Bay of Plenty


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